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Contract Distilling Services

About Flying Fish Cove

Flying Fish Cove can create spirits from wine and grain for maturation or immediate sale. We can craft small batch bespoke products for client owned brands or venues.

Flying Fish Cove uses a custom designed copper still which has the versality to produce rich interesting spirits suitable for aging in barrel or cleaner styles with purity and diverse aromatics.

Customers can design their products and recipes with assistance from our team time and can provide their own products for distillation or use our own starting  products.

Our distillery is able to provide a customised service to cater for commercial or premium spirits solutions.

Flying Fish Cove has invested in the best assets available for production and management. Our goal is to make exceptional spirits for your brand.

Contract distillers and facilities to produce your own spirits.

Features & Services

Contact us and let Flying Fish Cove show you around the facilities and explain the various features and our services:

  • Redefining sustainability in making spirits.
  • We can make our own grape-based eau de vie (French for ‘Water of Life’) onsite to produce high-end spirits.
  • We also offer distillation of grain based washes for a variety of whisky style spirits and can recommend barrel aging options for maturation.
  • Members of the Australian Distillers Association. As members, we are signatories to the ABAC and comply with legislation regarding the definition of spirits in Australia, ATO excise requirements and all Federal, State, and local laws and by-laws including licensing laws and the provision of a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Electric water bath, 400 litre copper pot still with onion head and copper lyne arm, three columns with twenty bubble plates, copper gin basket and stainless condenser and collection tanks. Built in CIP cleaning.
  • Reduce your capital requirements by allowing us to take care of your production so that you can concentrate on sales and marketing.
  • Suitable production size to cater for small batch premium spirit production.
  • Fully operational lab for technical support, quality assurance and safety.
  • Onsite tasting facility for blending and recipe development.
  • Onsite storage for spirit maturation in barrel.

behind the scenes

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