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Contract Winemaking

About Flying Fish Cove Winery

Flying Fish Cove is an Australian winery based in Wilyabrup, within the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia.

The shareholders are Margaret River grape growers and established the Company in 2000 to provide customised high quality wine production from de juicing through to finished wine.

"Simon and his team provide an excellent service and they faithfully follow all of my winemaking instructions without question. I have full confidence in their production skills and would happily recommend them as a high quality contract facility.” Brian Fletcher

Contract Winemaking Services - Flying Fish Cove Winery Margaret River, Western Australia

What Makes Flying Fish Cove Different?

Since its inception the focus has been on the contract winemaking process. Flying Fish Cove has created systems and procedures to ensure that its service is fully accountable, traceable and transparent so that customers can be assured that the grapes they deliver are processed, matured and bottled as their own.

Flying Fish Cove uses the cloud-based production software Vintrace that allows customers to view their operations in real time, access their latest chemistry and generate their own reports. The Winery is able to provide a customised service to cater for commercial or premium wine solutions.

Flying Fish Cove has invested in the best assets available for production and management. Our goal is to make exceptional wine for professional wine brands.

“For several years I have made wines for my client’s brands and my own at Flying Fish Cove and have been impressed with their attention to detail and the quality of their work. Simon’s crew are flexible and willing to follow my unique winemaking style and they are genuinely committed to great wine production.” Peter Stanlake

Contract winemaking services - laboratory - Flying Fish Cove Winery Margaret River Western Australia

Features & Services

Contact us and let Flying Fish Cove show you around the Winery facilities and explain the various features and our services:

    • Winemakers experienced with working with consulting winemakers on their individual needs.
    • Whole cluster pressing for white grapes tipping head forklift feeds handpicked bins into conveyor with hand sorting available along horizontal conveyor belt.
    • Refrigeration available for overnight cooling of hand picked fruit and maintaining cool barrel ferments.
    • Client directed pump-over schedule.
    • Latest edition Vaslin Bucher cross flow filter.
    • 150 open and closed top fermenters ranging in size from 1,000 to 50,000 litres.
    • 2 presses 150 Hl Buchers with automated press tray pumps.
    • Bucher XP Plus 50, membrane press capable of pressing 3 tonne of whole bunch grapes, up to 10 tonne of machine picked grapes or 15 tonne of macerated grapes.

    • Wide range of variable speed pumps; Waukeshau, 2 Mono pumps, Bucher open throat must pump, 3 Inoxpa centrifugal pumps, 4 additional centrifugal pumps and 2 stainless steel air pumps.

    • Lab services include all standard wine analysis; enzymatic analysis of Residual Sugar, Malic Acid, Volatile Acidity; fining trials; acidification and decalcification trials; monitoring heat and cold stability.

    • Temperature-controlled stainless steel storage with regular analysis included.
    • 600 square metre temperature-controlled wine barrel storage in a concrete thermomass barrel storage with regular analysis included
    • Storage of empty barrels with sous in covered storage.
    • Vaslin Bucher elevator for whole bunch press filling, open fermenter transfer to press and direct filling from sorting table to open fermenters.
    • Automated wine analysis unit, Metrohm Biosystem Y15. This enzymatic analyser can measure free and total sulphite, sugars such as glucose and fructose, L-malic acid, acetic acid and PAN, ammonia. Capable of running up to 150 tests per hour and upgrades our lab with a complete turnkey system that delivers reliable results quickly.

behind the scenes

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