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Our Commitment to Innovation

Since Flying Fish Cove's inception we committed to using current and innovative techniques and equipment to improve our production processes.

  • Latest edition Vaslin Bucher processing line incorporating a vibrating hopper with dejuicing, Trio sorting table and sensor driven must pump. Allows for destemming only if required.
  • Vaslin Bucher elevator ordered for vintage 2022 for whole bunch press filling, open fermenter transfer to press and direct filling from sorting table to open fermenters.
  • Two 150 HL Vaslin Bucher membrane presses for gentle extraction incorporating Ortal function for flow rate smart pressing
  • Two Juclas floatation pumps for separation of white and rose juices
  • Trane Screw compressor chiller with automated tank temp control throughout tank farm
  • Temperature controlled and insulated  barrel storage room
  • Gravity emptying of all Static Red Fermenters including four 35kl Sweep Arm Potters with dedicated centrifugal pumps progressively installed to all statics.
  • Carbon dioxide bulk storage with reticulation and diffusers throughout the winery and a dry ice dispenser for tank gassing.
  • Hot water ring main serviced by large bank of instant LPG gas hot water units operating from LPG bulk storage facilities onsite
  • Compressed air portable tank mixing and air pumps available for soft red ferment mixing. Pump overs with stainless tubs available for aerative dellastage option.


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