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Flying Fish Cove Winery Margaret River Vintage Spotify Playlist

On High Rotation: Vintage 2021

Tunes that get our winemaking crew through vintage.

The annual harvest generates a real buzz as the winery works 24/7 to pick and process the grapes. All done to the steady beat of their fave Spotify playlists blasting throughout Flying Fish Cove's winery.

Harvesting grapes in the Margaret River wine region typically begins in February with whites ripening first, followed by reds. When the viticulturist or winemaker decides the time is right to pick, it's all hands on deck with some grapes harvested by hand, while others are harvested mechanically.

Many wineries choose to pick at night when it's cooler and the freshly picked grapes are then sorted in the winery, before crushing, de-stemming and pressing.

It's a continuous process until all the grapes are harvested and processed, which can be weeks or months depending on the size of the vineyards.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here:

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