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Food Over Fire: Tomahawk Steak

Food Over Fire: Tomahawk Steak

Our Chief Winemaker, Simon Ding is a culinary legend at the Fish.

Elevate your cooking game with his take on a tomahawk steak, best enjoyed with a Margaret River cabernet.

The bold red fruit flavours and succulent tannin profile meld perfectly with the juicy, wood smoked beef. A match made in heaven.

Tomahawk steak recipe with margaret river cabernet sauvignon

  1. Preferably purchase a dry aged Rib Eye, however if this is not available, store Rib Eye in the fridge for several days uncovered prior to cooking to partially dry out the steak to concentrate flavours.
  2. Prior to cooking, season the steak with fresh olive oil and salt flakes. 
  3. Prepare a fire and allow to burn down to coals. Once fire has burnt down to coals, place steak on grill plate and ensure slow cooking without burning. Turn steak regularly to ensure fat is rendered and all surfaces of the steak receive heat plus smoke. Fat will drip into the fire, releasing smoke that will in-turn flavour the meat beautifully with a deep smokiness.
  4. Keep a close eye on internal temperature of the steak and cook until 48-50 degrees Celsius to ensure a beautiful succulent and juicy rare to medium rare wood smoked Rib Eye. Allow steak to rest following cooking for approx. 15 mins prior to slicing. Once sliced, drizzle the juice of the steak back over the cut pieces and serve.
  5. Serve with a fresh salad and crispy rosemary and salt crusted oven roasted potato wedges.

Photo: Russell Ord for YETI Australia


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