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What's new at Flying Fish Cove Winery Margaret River

What's New at Flying Fish: Vintage 2023

We are committed to investing in the latest production and software management assets to improve operations at the winery.

Find out what's new at Flying Fish ahead of vintage: 

    Simon with the new lab analysis tool for vintage 2023

    Automated Wine Analysis Unit

    The Metrohm Biosystem Y15 is an enzymatic analyser that can measure free and total sulphite, sugars such as glucose and fructose, L-malic acid, acetic acid and PAN, ammonia.

    Capable of running up to 150 tests per hour and upgrades our lab with a complete turnkey system that delivers reliable results quickly.

    Bucher XP Plus Press

    The Bucher XP Plus 50 membrane press is capable of pressing 3 tonne of whole bunch grapes, up to 10 tonne of machine picked grapes or 15 tonne of macerated grapes.

    It's large draining surface area allows for high juice, wine extraction at low pressures. Automatic, sequential and interactive press programs.

    This press will allow greater flexibility in the winery to process small to medium batches and achieve high yields.

    It provides contract clients with more opportunity to get their fruit in when they need it.

    Bucher vaslin elevator

    New Elevator

    The introduction of a Bucher Vaslin elevator for whole bunch press filling, open fermenter transfer to press and direct filling from sorting table to open fermenters.

    Revamped Lunch Room

    We've upgraded the kitchen lunch room. Come in, chat to the team and check out the new facilities.

    Vintage crew 2023

    Staff Update

    Flying Fish has employed 6 full-time and 11 casual staff to meet operational needs over vintage.

    Our team has recently expanded to include:

    • Will Nelson who joined our team in July 2022. With 15 vintages and over 11 years experience in cellars around the world, Will’s central focus is the management of the laboratory.
    • Jenny Quinlan who joined our team in May 2022. Jenny oversees accounts and assists with daily administration.

      We look forward to welcoming new and existing clients to Flying Fish this vintage. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

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